New Paint Colours from Farrow & Ball

by - October 01, 2018

It's always exciting when a company I like comes out with a new range/product. When I am notified, the first thing I do is check it out, of course. This is what happend with Farrow & Ball a few days ago - I saw that they introduced nine new paint colours. 
I have an interesting relationship with paint - first of all, I love it. I have been painting things since I was 2. I love colours, and I believe that every colour that exists has its own purpose. However, when it comes to mixing colours, I'm quite an amateur; I hear it is not an easy job to create a colour that appeals, and is perfect in every sense. How about nine new colours?! You can understand now why I had to check it out.
As it turns out, Farrow & Ball didn't disappoint. The colours are beautiful, reminding me of Autumn.
My absolute favorites are School House White and Sulking Room Pink. School House White is the lightest one of the nine, and it's a soft off-white colour with warm undertones. As their brochure says, it's "reminiscent of the colour used in old school houses". This colour is amazing - ideal for those who want to use a white shade in their spaces, but don't want a colour withour character. The Sulking Room Pink, on the other hand, is a muted old rose / powder pink shade, which is, as the company says, "so often used in boudoirs". This colour looks beautiful by itself, however, when complemented with teal shades and whites, it creates a perfect harmony.
There are greens in the collection - Treron and Bancha - which are greyish-olive greens, with beautiful natural shades and calming vibes, and a teal effect blue - De Nimes - which is a rather dark, strong and noble shade. The remaining warm shades, like Rangwali and Preference Red are those which I would use in a big, typically British house. I am usually not into bright colours, when it comes to interior design, however, these colours fuel my imagination, and take me to a world where I own a big English mansion, filled with rooms of these colours. There I would probably complement them with the muted, neutral Jitney and the dark, red based Paean Black. This is just one of my many ideas, but if I didn't have to choose, I would - and most importantly, could - use each and every colour of the new collection in one house. And how amazing is that?

Photos: Farrow & Ball

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