About my Autumn

by - August 23, 2018

Sorry I've been a little absent lately. The thing is - I was focusing on my studies 100%. I'm almost done!!!
I am also very much looking forward to Autumn. I always dreaded this time - I loved Summer, and HATED Autumn and Winter. And now I'm all about Halloween and Christmas!!
So I can promise that I will be more active in the next few months.
- We are going to London for the Challenge Cup Final
- I will most likely finish my studies, and will receive my diploma
- We are visiting Isle of Man
- Family is visiting us here
- I will eat more healthy food (hah)
- We are going to the beach
- I will probably start my Home Staging module, too
- We are going to Liverpool for a "museum and gallery tour"
- I will get all the Christmas presents probs by the end of October!:D
- Aaaaand lots of posts here about everything!!!

Looking forward to it:)

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